Kimara practises on monday evenings at 19.00-20.30 in Reijolan yhteisötalo, Reijolan yhteisösali Urheilupuistontie 2 80330 Reijola. Those who are interested in folkdance, are welcome to join our group. In Kimara everybody have oportunity to dance because we change dancing partners.



Every summer Kimara performes at the marketplace in Joensuu. During the year we perform in parties and in other occasions.

Nordlek festival

Kimara has a long tradition in participating Nordlek. We have taken part of Nordlek occasions since 1985. In Bergen and in Vejle we were as a teaching group of Kari Bergholm.


Historical dances

In Stavanger at the Nordlek festival year 2000 there was a ball-dancing-evening, which included a fine supper and historical dances from different countries.

Other activities

Besides folkdancing our group enjoyes spending time together in several activities.